Meet UTC's Head Coach!

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Meet UTC's Head Coach!

Behind every great fighter or fight team is a great coach. They are the masterminds that put all the pieces of the puzzle together, create the best training sessions and make sure to get the most out of their fighters.

Coaching in MMA is just like being a coach in the premier league. They must create a perfect game plan for each fighter like any premier league football coach does each game. They have to deal with many problems on different levels on a daily basis like all top football managers have to.

They also need to make sure their fighters in the gym receive equal opportunity, controlling numerous game plans and strategies at the same time which isn’t easy.

UTC's Joe “Silk” Cummins is the head coach and instructs the UTC fight team ( aka. hard body squad ). He provides a skill set that is essential to a successful fighters career, with initial pre-fight game plans, fight camp preparation, outstanding cornering with the ability to give his fighter the correct instructions mid fight and make game changing decisions under pressure is without doubt top notch. He has successfully put fighters into the UFC , BAMMA , FIGHT UK and OMMAC fight organisations to name but a few, with a phenomenally high win ratio over the last 12 months at all levels.

Silk is, the head coach behind Vaughan lee (UFC fighter ), Yannick Bahati (Fight UK champion and BAMMA) , Leon Edwards (undefeated) stand out welter weight, and Aaron Lovell (undefeated and best UK amateur fighter 2012) to name but a few in our team. He has played a major part in building one of the UK’s leading MMA fight teams in a relatively short space of time , front row MMA voted the UTC fight team the best team and best amateur fighter of 2012 awards which we are very proud of at UTC. Working along side his fellow coaches and the outstanding UTC training facility Silk has created an environment in which any MMA fighter can be trained and coached to be the very best they aspire to be.

Silk is not only one of the best UK coaches in the sport, he's also one of the most hard working and respected. He gets involved with every part of a fighters preparation, from early morning runs, sparring, diet, nutrition and fine tuning a fighters game plan. He is always prepared to make changes if he feels a particular part of the training isn’t going right, this takes great strength and belief in his own ability to make sometimes hard decisions at any time, ultimately his advice is going to be beneficial to the fighters success in the ring. Silk has been a monumental success that every fighter that UTC has sent out to compete and continues to push the boundaries of coaching within the sport to ensure our continued success.

Congratulations on another win Silk at UFC FUEL TV 7 on Saturday where Vaughan Lee defeated Motonobu Tezuka , another great camp and game plan.

If you feel as a fighter you have hit a sticking point or are no longer advancing your MMA career and are considering a team move, then why not have a chat with Joe to find out if there’s any possibility of you joining our team and working together!
News added : 21st February 2013