Congratulations to Vaughan Lee on his win over Motonobu Tezuka!

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Congratulations to Vaughan Lee on his win over Motonobu Tezuka!

In a bantamweight contest at UFC FUEL TV 7, UTC’s very own Vaughan Lee scored a unanimous decision win over Japanese fighter Motonobu Tezuka, with all three judges scoring the bout 30-27 for Lee.

Lee and his Japanese opponent traded leg kicks to begin the first round, and while Lee would have preferred this to keep going, Tezuka quickly moved in for a takedown, pressing Lee against the fence. The two fighters kept struggling hard, with Tezuka fighting for the takedown and Lee striving to break free from the grappler’s grip while peppering him with shots to the head and side. Despite referee Leon Roberts separating the combatants at 2:20 minutes of the round, Tezuka went straight back to a single-leg takedown attempt on Lee and wrestled with him against the cage until the round ended.

The second round presented more of the same, with Tezuka attempting take the fight to the ground. After Lee landed a kick to the midsection and a leg kick at the beginning of the round, the Japanese grappler finally dragged Lee to the mat, attempting various leglocks to no avail. Lee eventually moved to Tezuka’s back but the fight quickly ended up standing. With 1:20 minutes left, Lee landed a punch to the abdomen and barely missed with a headkick. Tezuka not fairing well standing with Lee immediately went back into grappling mode briefly with 11 seconds left in the round where Lee nailed Tezuka with a knee to the jaw.

The third and final round consisted of more grappling against the cage on Tezuka’s part and Lee defending against the Japanese up-and-comer’s takedowns while landing punches and elbows of his own, the fight was left in the judges hands with only one outcome... Lee wins via unanimous decision.

Huge Thanks to all the training partners that helped and kept pushing Vaughan throughout his training camp, a big thanks to all the UTC members that supported Vaughan and huge thanks to all of UTC's and Vaughan's sponsors Badboy, USN, Luke, Bambu, Midland Group.
News added : 18th February 2013